NIOS English (202) - Solved Paper - 2021

 English 202

1. (i)Origins of chocolate can be traced to Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

(ii)In its early beginnings, chocolate was consumed in religious rituals.  Why?

Ans-(C) it helped people overcome tiredness.

(iii)How do we know that people in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica were drinking chocolate?

Ans-We know that people in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica were drinking chocolate, by archeologists study which promoted by the chocolate residue found in an ancient Mayan back 2,600 years ago.

(iv)How as chocolate used in its early days?

Ans-In its early day’s chocolate was used as food of gods and consumed in religious rituals, to relieve fatigue among its drinkers.

(v)Why was cacao beans used as currency?

Ans-Cacao beans were used as currency, as it was used during their heyday.

(vi)Who brought chocolate to Europe?

Ans-(D) Hernando Cortes Pizarro.

(vii)How was chocolate modified to suit European tastes?

Ans-To suit European tastes, the original recipe for chocolate was modified by removing the spicy taste to replacing it by milk and sugar to sweeten it.

2.(i)Ans- This text is taken from a/an-(A) newspaper

(ii)Why does the article say “there has been an increase of only 18 big cats”?

Ans-The article say “there has been an increase of only 18 big cats” in comparison to 53 in 2014.  This shows decrease of number of tigers as years pass, for which the article says so.

(iii)The minimum range of tigers in the North East Hills and Brahmaputra plains Landscape in the 2018 estimate is-(B) 194

(iv)Which report delivers statically details of tigers in Indian forests?

Ans-The report ‘Status of Tigers in India-2018’, delivers statistical details of tigers in Indian forests.

(v)Which areas are covered under acronym NEHBPL?

Ans-The areas covered under acronym NEHBPL are-Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland and the contiguous forests of northern West Bengal.

(vi)What is the current total number of tigers in NEHBPL?

Ans-The current maximum range of tigers in NEHBPL is 244 and minimum is 194, that is total 438.

(vii)Which state under NEHBPL has the largest tiger population?

Ans-(A) Assam

(viii)Why does the report say that in terms of tiger population, the North East region is “critically vulnerable’?

Ans-The 2018 estimation report say that in terms of tiger population, the North East region is “critically vulnerable” as it counted 219 tigers, which was an increase of only 18 from 2014.


3.(i)Violence and crime in movies and TV encourage violence and crime in society.  Do you agree with the statement? Write a short paragraph supporting your views.

Ans-Vioence and crime in movies and TV can encourage violence and crime in our society, by making negativity on our minds.  Especially the teenagers and minors can effected easily, as they watch such movies, videos etc. on internet, mobile, TV and other digital devices.  As the teenagers are hero worshiping and day dreamers, they started to think that they can seek attention of others, by engaging in bully and such other violation acts.  Besides this, they and some other people idealise celebrity hero or heroines, as their role model in life, and when see them engage in crimes on the screen, they mentally get satisfied and wanted to try such acts in society.  Now a days, internet is easily available to all, as most of us have Smartphone, but students, minors watch illegal content, without concern of  guardians, this also encourage them to commit crimes.

4)Ans-Date-March 17, 2021


The Manager

ATIN Dealer

Subject-Complaint on purchased washing machine


The purchased product namely, LG washing machine, which I bought on 26 Feb, 2021, with a warranty of two years, from your store has not been working for last two weeks.  For which I called your customer care, to look into the matter, but nobody has come yet.

Since, nobody from your staff has attended the matter and interested, this made me to take this initiative of complaining you this way.

Therefore, I request you to process this application and provide me your technical staff to repair the machine as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely



Arjun Gupta

Tinsukia, 10th March, 2021

A horrible burglary (theft) took place last night in sector 3, Bordoloi Nagar area of Tinsukia, where a group of thieves entered the house of Mr. Ram Baruah and looted a cash of Rs 2 lakhs, some gold jewellary.  It is doubted that, the thieves entered the house by climbing over the rear wall.  After this, the family and neighborhood are in shock and danger.  Meanwhile, the incident is under police investigation and applying all possible ways gets the criminals.

6. Ans-                              


16 March, 2021

3.00 pm

Dear Mr.Khanna,

I have been in conversation with Rita, where she told that there is a change in her travel schedule, due to delay of flight.  Instead of reaching Delhi at 5 pm, it will now reach by 11 p.m and you have to surely there by that time.  I am leaving for a party, and might be late, so don’t forget to do the above.

Love, Mrs Khanna

7.Ans-Heavy rains followed (i-b)by floods  (ii-d)was common in the monsoon.  (iii-c)These days due to climate change they cause more harm (iv-b) then in the past.  Though we are able to predict rainfall, we are not able to restrict its damage.  There (v-a) is an increasing number of instances (vi-c)of flash floods and heavy damages in most of the world.

8.(a)Ans-(i) Parshuram Rana washes and cleans his bicycle every Sunday.  His bicycle is washed by Parshuram Rana every Sunday.

(ii)ISRO launched its Mars mission successfully in the first attempt.  Mars mission was launched in the first attempt by ISRO.

(iii)The fire destroyed the entire building.  The entire building was destroyed by the fire.

(b)Ans-(i) The bus was crowded, so the boy took the next bus to school.

(ii)I closed all doors and windows, so that I would not be disturbed by the noise.

(iv)Kiron did not buy that pair of shoes, though she liked them very much.

9.Ans-Kanan lived in a village when he(i) was a child.  In those days most of the people (ii)worked in the fields.  (iii)Working in the fields in summer(iv) was very difficult.  In India it(v) gets very hot in summer.  Still the farmers(vi) have to work hard for their living.

10.ans-Kanta(i)Where are you going, Bholi?

Bholi:I am going to school.

Kanta:(ii)When did you join the school?

Bholi:I joined only last month.

Kanta: (iii)What time does your school start?

11.Ans-Kanti: (i)When can I see Mr.Ravindaran?

Parul:I am sorry to say that you will (ii)have to wait.  He is busy in a meeting.

Kanta:I (iii)will wait.  I have to talk to him on an urgent matter.

12.Ans-Madam:Can you click a picture of this building?

Shiva:Yes, I shall love to.  What’s the building called?

Madan:It is the Mahavir palace.

Shiva:I shall walk around the lake.

Madan:Why don’t you have a boat ride?

Madan asked Shiva(i)to click apicture of that building.  Shiva replied that he(ii) loved to do it and asked (ii)what’s the building called.  Madan said that(iv) it is called the Mahavir Palace.  Shiva said that (v)should he walked around the lake.  Madan asked him (vi)to have a boat ride.


13. (i)what is the poet’s complaint?

Ans-The poet’s complaint is that in today’s modern world, people bhehaves according to the situations, forgets to put natural self or real self.

(ii)”And I have to learned too”-where die the poet learn it from?

Ans-the poet learrnt to behave differently like others, from the society itself.

(iii)What does “laugh with only my teeth’ mean?

Ans-“Laugh with only my teeth” means that, today in the modern busy world, people often greets each other without any warmth in their handshake.

(iv)What does good-riddance mean?

Ans-`When the poet mentions good-riddance, it means he has learnt from this society to say things hedoesnot really mean, because they are the correct things to say in that situation .

14.Ans-(i) The chief  means of livelihood in the farmers of Gujrat was rearing cattle and produce milk.

(ii)”Remained in want” in sentence three means that, the farmers who reared cattle and produce milk, despite their hard work, they remained poor.

(iii)What is the plight of the farmers that moved Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?

Ans-The poor plight of the farmers  of Gujrat moved the heart of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

(iv)What did Sardar Vallabhai Patel decide to do?

Ans-Sardar vallabhbhai Patel decided to bring prosperity into the lives of poor farmers.

15.(i)Why was the old man sad?

Ans-The old man was sad because his son was leaving him.

(ii)What was the oldman’s work?

Ans-The old man’s work was making marble statues.

(ii)Why did he not want to change his work?

Ans-He did not want to change his work, because he loved his work.

(iv)Why did he think that, that was his last sculpture?

Ans-He thought that, that was his last sculpture as he was old and too tired, after working continuously without taking rest.

16.(i)Why does jijabai say the soldiers should be kept away?

Ans-(b)so that the soldiers don’t revolt.

(ii)On Sunday afternoons, Kezia’s grandmother sent her to the drawing room to have a talk with her parents so that she would-

Ans-(b)Get over her feeling of fear of her father.

(iii)Valodya says sorry to Nicky because:

Ans-he has a large heart.

17.(i)What does the poet mean by ice-block-cold eyes?

Ans-(a) Unfriendly eyes.

(ii)The child feels helpless because

Ans-(c ) People are still making harmful weapons.

18.(i)What color of garments are woven for the marriage veil of a queen and when?

And-Bright and rich color like the feathers of peacock, purple and green garments are woven for the marriage veil of a queen.  The queen would use this cloth to make her marriage veil.

(ii)What does the poet mean by laugh with one’s eyes and heart?

Ans-By laugh with one’s eyes and heart, the poet means that, in olden days when people meet one another, they would laugh from the heart, with genuine  feeling to one another.  But in modern world, people often greet each other without any warmth in their handshake.

19.(i)Who do you think is a better sculptor-Salim or Gopal?Why?

Ans-Salim is better sculptor than Gopal because, he is more talented   and has been practicing carvings on his own, willing to learn from the old stone mason.  On the other hand, Gopal, the son of old stone mason, disrespects his father’s profession and said goodbye to him, leaves his family.

(ii)Who set up Ananda Bharati school? What does the school do?

Ans-Janaki Iyer, a seventy year old woman set up Ananda Bharati school.  The school teaches girls who are domestic helpers, who could not attend formal education in school.

20.(i)How did Gandhiji confess to his father? What was his father’s reaction?

Ans-Gandhiji confessed his father through a letter, on his misdeed.  In the letter Gandhiji admitted that he had stolen money from  the servent to buy cigarettes and asked for suitable punishment for his wrongdoing.  He also requested his father not to punish himself for the act and promised that he would never steal again.

       When Gandhiji’s father read the letter, he did not scold his young son because he knew he was absolutely honest and sincere in his confession.  Gandhiji’s father began to cry. 



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