ENGLISH (202) Snake Bite

Important questions and answers

 1.Q. who was raja and what did he see? 

Answer: - Raja was a naughty boy. He Saw a snake and keep it in coconut shell and brought it to his grand mother. 


2.Q. what did Grand mother do? 

Answer: - grandmother called grandfather and told him.He threw the shell and snake came out. 

3.Q. What did Grand father say to Raja? 

Answer: - Grand father warned Raja not repeat such thing in future because snakes are dangerous. 

4.Q. When did the bee stung Raja? 

Answer: - One day Raja tried to catch the bee it stung him in finger. 

5.Q. what happened then? 

Answer: - Raja came to grand mother weeping and crying. They thought he was bitten by snake and his grand father took him to a man who was in the village and used to treat snake bitten person. 

6.Q. How did the old man cure Raja? 

Answer: - Old man took a bowl of water started to chant mantras after some time he said now Raja is out of danger. God saved him you came in time. 

7.Q. Did Raja says it that he was stung by bee?

 Answer :- No Raja had no time to say it. He was tightly caught by Grand father and told not to open the mouth. 

8.Q. write about Grand mother? In brief. 

Answer: - Grand mother was old and religious lady. She loved Raja very much. She was a fearful lady also. 

9.Q.write about Grand father in about (70-80) words. 

Answer: - Grand father was very good and an ideal person. He loved all the Members of the family. His loved with Raja very much. He does not bear the pain of Raja. He carried him to the person who used to treat snake bitten person. The Grand father was very practical man. He is good dutiful and an ideal man. His role in the story is very important. 

10.Q. what did he say to Raja's Grand father? 

Answer: - He said thank to him to bring raja there in time otherwise he may die by snake biting.  

11. Q. Was Raja really bitten by snake? 

Answer: - No, he was stung by bee. He was not given time to say the reality. They all treated him as snake bitten. 

 Q.12. What 'I' & 'My' stands for? 

Answer: - 'I' stands for Raja, and my stands for Raja's.  


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