Lesson- My First Steps

Important questions and answers

 Q.1. when was Sunil Gavaskar born? 

 Answer: - Sunil Gavaskar was born on 10th July 1949.  

 Q.2. what did Sunil's uncle Mr. Narayan Masurekar notice when he came to see the baby in hospital? 

 Answer: - He noticed a little hole near the top of Sunil's left ear lobe. 

 Q.3. what was the horrible thing that happened the next day? 

 Answer: - Next day Sunil's uncle Mr. Masurekar discovered that the baby hadn’t the hole on the left ear lobe. 

 Q.4. where was the missing child found? 

 Answer: - The missing child was found sleeping calmly besides fisherwoman. 

 Q.5. If Nan-Kaka had not noticed the hole on his ear where would be the living? 

 Answer: - He would have been living with the fisherman. 

 Q.6. how did Gavaskar break his mother's nose? 

 Answer: - while playing cricket with a tennis ball with his mother, Gavaskar hit one straight back on her nose. 

 Q.7. what qualities of his mother's character are brought out through this part of the extract? Pick the two words/phrases that best describe her from the ones given below: Patient, encouraging, excellent cricketer, Clever, unwilling to cooperate, helpful. 

 Answer: - Patient, encouraging. 

 Q.8. what did Gavaskar like to do whenever he went to his uncle's house? Why? 

 Answer: - Gavaskar liked to take out his uncle's pullovers and caress them with a sense of longing. He used to admire his uncle for being on the Indian test team through this. 

 Q.9. what lesson did his uncle teach him? 

 Answer:- His uncle taught him to work hard to earn the distinction i.e. to sweat and earn the India 'colors’. His uncle also taught him that there was no short-cut to the top. 

 Q.10. which souvenir did Gavaskar like the most? Why? 

 Answer:-  The souvenir Gavaskar liked the most was the stump as it was bearing the autographs of the 1952 India and England teams.


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