NIOS DATA Entry Operations (229) | Important Questions With Answers(20-21)


Data Entry Operations (229)

Important Questions With Answers(20-21)

Q.1. Define the term Control Unit. 

 Ans. Control Unit (CU): The process of unit, output, processing and storage is performed under the supervision of a unit called Control Unit. It decides when to start receiving data, when to stop it, where to store data, etc. It takes care of step-by-step processing of all operations inside the computer. 

 Q.2. write short notes on the memory system. 

 Ans. Memory system: There are two kinds of computer memory: primary and secondary. Primary memory is in integral part of the computer system and is accessible directly by the processing Unit. RAM is an example of primary memory. Secondary memory is not as fast as primary memory. 

 Q.3. define the high level language. 

 Ans. High level language: high level language is almost English like language, used by human beings for writing programs. These are easier to learn require less time to write programs, provide better documentation and easier to modify. 

The main advantage of high level language its portability i.e., any high level language program can be used and executed in almost all computers with little or no change. 

 Q.4. what is computer? 

 Ans. computer refers to an electronic device that accepts data processes it electronically and gives out meaningful information. The computer system can be called as collections of three units (Input, C.P.U., Output) which work in coordination with each other to perform any task. 

 Q.5. define keyboard and mouse as an input device. 

 Ans. Keyword- It is the most common Input device. The most common keyboard use QWERTY combination of keys. A standard keyboard has 104 Keys. These are numeric keys, arrow keys, special keys, alphabetic keys and Function keys. 

Mouse: A mouse is an electro mechanical, hand held device and used as pointer in a Computer System.


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