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1. Answer any one of the following question in about 40-60 words.

(a) Observe the ark work of impressionists in your text book. Write any two style of impressionism artists.

 Answer: - Ans. The styles of impressionist artists include Claude Monet and Edgar Divas. “Impressionism” was an artistic movement that drew inspiration from the simplicity of everyday life.

Edgar degas was more interested in human figures, particularly the ballet dancers to bring movement in his paintings. Monet was a dedicated painter and was widely regarded for his enchanting flower landscape. His whole aim was to capture ever changing moods of nature. Like Japanese bridge and water garden. 

 2. (b) Write the definition of Abstract art.

 Answer: - With the foundation of abstract art, western art is considered to be the beginning of an important stage. After this, other art movements started and many changes were seen in understanding art. We see the influence of abstract art in art but it cannot be associated with realism. Any art painting that is non-analogous is called abstract art.

 3. (a) Write about the period of Surrealism movement.

 (a) Answer: Surrealism was another movement, which started in 1924 and lasted till 1955. Surrealist art artists used the imagination of the unconscious mind in their art. These artists began to consider themselves as representatives of the new ideology. They considered the new Hindu ideology to be influenced by psychoanalysis. This revolutionary movement was born as a result of the Dadaist rebellion.

4. Answer any one out of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.

 (a) Who is known as father of Cubism and why?

 Answer: - The father of Ghanism is Pan Sejan, Sejan will always be considered the father of present art because its art style acts as a bridge between late 19th century influence etc. Adi art and early 20th century modern art or Ghanism. 


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