Subject Code: C4





Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

Time: Three Hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions


1. Which one of the following resources is a non-renewable resources?                                                1

a)      Crops.

b)      Man.

c)       Iron.

d)      Sunlight.

2. The hill and mountain ranges of Dima-Hasao district in Assam belong to –                         1

a)      The Lushai Mountain ranges.

b)      The Patkai Mountain ranges.

c)       The Meghalaya plateaus.

d)      The Barail Mountain ranges.

3. One of the major rivers of Asia flowing into the Artic Ocean is –                                            1

a)      Ural.

b)      Yenisey.

c)       Mekong.

d)      Howang-Ho.

4. The President of India appoints as the Chairman of the North East Council –                   1

a)      One of the Chief Ministers of North East states.

b)      One of the Governors of the North East states.

c)       One of the Finance Ministers of North East states.

d)      One of the Chief Secretaries of North East states.

5. The British Government annulled the partition of plan of Bengal by holding a Darbar at Delhi –                               1

a)      20 July, 1905.

b)      2 December, 1911.

c)       13 December, 1908.

d)      15 August, 1906

6. Who was appointed as the first political officer of Khasi hills?                  1

a)      Captain Frederick Lister.

b)      David Scott.

c)       Captain Jenkins.

d)      Captain White.

7. ‘Geet Gobinda’ was translated into Assamese by –                     1

a)      Ram Narayan Chakraborty.

b)      Baladev Suryakhari.

c)       Sukumar Barkaith.

d)      Peetambar Kabi.

8. The total number of Judges in International Court of Justice are –                        1

a)      9.

b)      11.

c)       15.

d)      5.


Part – I

9. Why is the necessity of conservation of resources essential worldwide?                           1

10. Distinguish between Resource and Natural stuff.                       2

11. Name two industries of Assam based on crude oil and natural gas.                    2

12. Name two mountain ranges extending towards west from Pamir Knot.                          2

13. Write the meaning of sustainable development.                        2

14. What is landslide? State two main causes of landslide in Assam?                         1+1=2

15. Discuss the Agricultural activities of the hilly region of Assam.                              5


Write a brief note on the potentialities of tourism industry of Assam.                               5

16. Discuss the factors responsible for the variations of climates in Asia.                                 5

17. Draw a sketch-map of Assam and locate the following in it:                                   2+2=4

a)      The first oil refinery of Assam.

b)      A National park of south bank of the Brahmaputra.


For Blind Candidates only

Write the names of any four National parks of Assam with name of districts where these are located.                    1x4=4

Part – II

18. What is the Bretton Woods Conference?                                       1

19. When and why the North-East Development Finance Corporation was established?                                 2

20. Mention two employment problems associated with agricultural production in the developing countries.      2

21. Mention three statutory systems of the World Trade Organisation.                                  3

22. What is barter system? Mention two difficulties of barter system.                     1+2=3

Part – III

23. What was called the Arundel Committee?                                     1

24. In which year slavery was abolished in Assam?                            1

25. What were the initial programmes of the agitation of the partition of Bengal?                              2

26. Why was the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 failed in Assam? Give three reasons.                                       3

27. Write in brief how Robertson and Francis Jenkins brought about reformation in district administration during British rule in Assam.                                             3

28. Give an account of the development of Assamese literature during the Ahom period.                             3


Write about Neo-Vaishnavite Movement in Assam.                                  3

29. Write briefly on how the programmes of the Non co-operation movement were fulfilled in Assam.                  6


Write who the people of Assam took part in the Civil Disobedience Movement lunched by Mahatma Gandhi.                    6

30. Who were the members of the Cabinet Mission? Write the expected proposal prepared by the Cabinet Mission for the solution of the political problem of India.                                                              6


Explain briefly in what circumstances was the “Gandhi-Irwin”, pact signed? Discuss its terms.

Part – IV

31. What is called Shadow Cabinet?                                                                         2

32. Distinguish between direct and indirect election.                                       2

33. Do you support Coalition Government? Give three reasons.                                                3

34. Write the power and function of General Assembly of U. N. O.                           4



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