Subject Code: 30   



(For both New and Old Course)

Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: Three Hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Give answer of the following questions in one word or sentence:                        1x10=10

a)      Write the name of the continent discovered by Captain Cook.

b)      What was the immediate cause of the First World War?

c)       Who was the author of “Mein kampf”?

d)      Where is the headquarters of the Secretariat of the U.N.O.?

e)      In which year the All India Muslim League was formed?

f)       Write the full form of SEATO.

g)      Under what name East Pakistan came to be known after its independence in 1971?

h)      In which year Munich Pact was signed?

i)        Who was the editor of ‘Abanti’?

j)        Which continent was known as ‘Dark Continent’?

2. Choose the correct answer:                                                   1x5=5

a)      The English East India Company was formed in the year –

1)      1400 A.D.

2)      1500 A.D.

3)      1600 A.D.

4)      1700 A.D.

b)      The Berlin Congress was held in –

1)      1675 A.D.

2)      1778 A.D.

3)      1838 A.D.

4)      1878 A.D.

c)       “I will grind France to powder.” Who said?

1)      Mussolini.

2)      Cavour.

3)      Hitler.

4)      Lenin.

d)      The Sepoy Mutiny took place in the year –

1)      1837 A.D.

2)      1845 A.D.

3)      1852 A.D.

4)      1857 A.D.

e)      First Conference of Non-Aligned Movement was held –

1)      Belgrade.

2)      Delhi.

3)      Dhaka.

4)      Kathmandu.

3. Who was James Monroe? Mention one main intention of proclaiming the famous Monroe Doctrine.                 1+1=2

4. Between whom the Treaty of Neuli was signed on 27th November, 1919?                         2

5. Write two principles of Fascism.                           2

6. Name the two countries who signed the Non-Aggression Pact in 1939.                                              2

7. Write the names of two major organs of U.N.O.                                           2

8. Name two leaders of the freedom movement of Indonesia.                  2

9. Write the names of two British Persons who took initiative in establishing Indian National Congress.                   2

10. Mention two conditions of the ‘Principles of Panchsheel’.                                     2

11. Name the Prime Minister of India and China who participated in Bandung Conference.           2

12. When and where the first conference of the SAARC was held?                           2

13. Write three causes of First World War.                                            3

14. Write the names of three countries who formed Triple Alliance.                         3

15. When and where Atom Bombs were dropped at the time of Second World War?                      1+2=3

16. Mention three functions of Security Council of the U.N.O.                                    3

17. In which year Congo was recognized as Independent Nation? Who was its first President? What is its capital? 1+1+1=3

18. Write four merits of Industrial Revolution.                                    4

19. Mention four provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.                  4

20. Write about the attack on Soviet Russia by Germany.                              4

21. Mention the principal aims and objectives of the SAARC.                       4

22. Why did France fail to establish an empire in India? Give reasons.                      5


Give a brief history of the geographical discoveries made by Portugal.                             

23. Narrate briefly the causes of First World War.                                              5


How far was Germany responsible for the First World War?

24. Write a note on rise of Soviet Russia.                                                               6


Discuss main features of the foreign policy of Hitler.

25. Discuss the results of Second World War.                                                      6


Write a note on the Battle of Britain.

26. Discuss the achievements of the U.N.O.                                                        6

27. Write about freedom struggle of India.                                                           6


Write how Africa attained independence.




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