Rajguru was born on 24 August 1908 at khed to parvati Devi and Harinarain rajguru. Khed was located at the bank of river bheema near Pune,in what was then
British India. His father expired when he
Was only six years old and the responsibility of family fell on his elder brother Dinkar.He received primary education at khed and later studied
In new English High school at nana
Ka bara in pune. He was a member of the
Hindustan socialist Republican Association,
Rajguru became a colleague of Bhagat
Singh and Sukhdev, and took part in the
Assassination of a British police office, J.P.
Saunders, at lahore in 1928.their actions were to avenge the death of Lala Rajpat Rai
Who had died a fortnight after being hit by police while on a march protesting the simon commission.The feeling was that Rai's death resulted from the police action, although he had addressed a meeting later.
The three man and 21 other co-conspirators
Were tried under the provisions of a regulation that was Introduced in 1930
Specifically for that purpose. All three were convicted of the charges.

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