NIOS SYLLABUS Subject Name:Home Science

Subject Name:Home Science
Subject Code No. 321
Home Science is concerned with the home, health and happiness of all members of the family and
community. It is the art of managing resources efficiently combined with the science of achieving a
healthier and happier home. This subject supports the personal enrichment and professional
development. It integrates the application of various sciences and humanities to improve human
environment, family nutrition, management of resources and child development.
Home Science is a subject for all now, because everyone has a dream of having a perfect home life.
The days are gone that household activities were the responsibility of women folk. Now both men
and women share the responsibilities in all affairs of the home. It empowers the learner to achieve all
round development in different pursuits of life. It opens up endless avenues for the learners to settle
as a self employed persons or posses any desirable jobs in established organizations including the
At no time in history the demands of humans begins have been as diverse as they are today. The
individuals are constantly faced with problems of change. They have to make continuous adjustment
to their life style that tests their decision making skills.
Home Science teaches an individual to develop knowledge and skills in order to interact better with
their environment that includes the family, food clothing and home. The basic aim of studying Home
Science is to efficiently use the goods and services available for improving the quality of human life.
Home Science as a subject is of great social significance as it affects an individual’s way of living,
eating, raising young ones, etc., which in turn affects the welfare and stability of the family and the
society at large. Besides grooming individuals for better living, the study of Home Science also
opens up vistas of future vocational pursuits

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
 develop skills that help in bringing a positive change in daily life style and solving problems;
 develop creative thinking and a rational approach towards everyday life;
 develop scientific temper and a spirit of inquiry; and
 sensitivity to values of ethical living.

Scope and job opportunity
The scope of Home Science extends far beyond the ‘home’ and is not limited to cooking, laundry,
needlework and home decoration. In fact it is the only subject which prepares young learners for the two most important goals in their lives – looking after their home and family and preparing for a career or vocational life. The areas covered in Home Science are vast and varied. There are jobs available if the learner wish to work out side home and as wage employment or the learner can start his or her own enterprise e.g. boutique, production unit, laundry service etc. There are various opportunities available for Home Science students and some of the broader options are mentioned below:
 Food preservation/bakery / confectionery
 Interior decoration
 Arts and crafts
 Housekeeping and laundry services
 Dress designing, garment construction: textile science
 Communication and extension
 Resource managers and consumer education

Eligibility conditions
Age: 15Years
Qualification: 10th pass

Medium of instruction: Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati and Odia
Duration of the course: 1 Year

Theory: 80 Marks
Practical: 20 Marks
Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA): 20% Marks of theory

Scheme of studies: Theory (240hours), practical (30hours), TMA (self paced)
Scheme of evaluation: Theory paper 80 marks (3 hours), practical 20 marks (3hours), internal
assessment (TMA) (20% of theory marks).
Pass criteria: 33% in each component.

Course content
1.Food and
1. Core

2.The Art
Science of

3. Food and


5. Human

and Clothing

7. Optional

8. Housekeeping-
6 A
Every individual enjoys living in a clean environment, which includes homes
place and community. The knowledge of housekeeping enables the individuals
to promote and maintain cleanliness, and derive psychological satisfaction by
promoting aesthetics at home and workplace. The module is aimed at imparting
knowledge in housekeeping for everyday activities and also facilitates in taking
up housekeeping related jobs.
9. Creative
6 B
Hand embroidery is an ancient art of our country and in the present time
embroidered clothes have become a fashion both among girls and boys.
Embroidery enriches and clothes that you wear. This vocational module is aimed
at providing knowledge and skill to venture into the area of creative hand
embroidery for beautifying one’s own clothing or to take up embroidery as a

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