NIOS SYLLABUS Subject Name:Computer Science

Subject Name:Computer Science
Subject Code No. 330
Computer has become indispensable in today’s life. Computer Science is an exciting, challenging
field that has impact in most aspects of today’s life. Most important aspect of computer science is
problem solving skills and analytical skills which learner will develop by studying computer science
subject. These skills are mandatory for anyone who is searching a job. Moreover, Computing jobs
are the highest paid jobs. Keeping in view of the above Computer Science course has been designed.
The syllabus of Computer Science for Senior Secondary course developed by NIOS to provide
knowledge and understanding of basic components of computer and their working, uses of Internet,
C++ programming and problem solving skills.
In recent years there has been a spur in the use of computers in India, from simple word processing
to sophisticated scientific applications. Along with this there is a tremendous demand for computer
education. In order to cater to this need and to provide quality education at reasonable price this
course has been designed.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
 identify the basic components of computer and their working;
 use of operating system;
 list the types of computer network;
 use of various services provided by internet;
 practice basics of Java programming language;
 use of C++ programming;
 state basic concepts of OOP;
 use of control statements in C++ programming;
 define library and user defined functions in C++ programming;
 use of one dimensional and two dimensional array;
 select members of the class;
 explain the concept of inheritance;
 use pointers in arrays; and
 use of files in C++ programming.

Scope and job opportunity
Information technology professionals plan, coordinate and implement computer and information
systems within an organization. Typically, they work with other managers within the company to
determine the computer-related needs of an organization in relation to computer systems, software,
servers, computer networking or network security. Information technology (IT) professionals go on to
a variety of careers as IT managers, IT project managers, IT directors and, at the highest levels of
business, chief technology officers or chief information officers. Job opportunities for computer
information systems managers are keep on increasing. IT professionals, particularly those with
specialized technical skills and business management backgrounds, will have the best opportunities
for advancement in the field.
Nowadays every organisation is computerised. Government is also promoting digital literacy. So
each person should have the basic knowledge of the computer whether he/ she is working in office /
banking or teaching in a school or doing e-commerce business or designing a website or developing
mobile app. Comptuer Science course will help the learners to face the present and future world.

Eligibility conditions
Age:15 Years
Qualification: 10th pass

Medium of instruction: English
Duration of the course: 1 Year

Theory: 60 Marks
Practical: 40 Marks
Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA): 20% Marks of theory

Scheme of studies: Theory (144 hours), practical (96 hours), TMA (self paced)
Scheme of evaluation: Theory paper 60 marks (3 hours), practical 40 marks (3 hours), internal
assessment (TMA) (20% of theory marks)
Pass criteria: 33% in each component

Course content
1. Anatomy of a
2. Data
3. Computer
4. Operating
5. Data
and Networking
6. Fundamentals
of Internet and

7. Introduction to
8. General
Concept of
9. Control
10. Functions
11. Array
12. Structure,
Typedef &
13. Classes &
objects with
constructors /
14. Inheritance
15. Pointer
16. Files

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