NIOS SYLLABUS Subject Name :Data Entry Operations

Subject Name :Data Entry Operations
Subject Code No. 336
Computer has become indispensable in today’s life. Computer education provides learners with the
knowledge and skills required effectively solve problems. Learning Computer and office applications
is an exciting one among learners. This skill is one of the soft skills required by almost all companies.
The only software package called out within the top 20 skills across all occupations is Microsoft
Office, explicitly required in 15 percent of high-growth, high-salary positions.
The syllabus of Data Entry Operations at Senior Secondary course developed by NIOS to provide
knowledge and understanding of basics of computer and use of office applications (Word processing,
Spreadsheet and Presentation) and Internet.
Keeping in view the importance of data entry operations in recent years, this course has been designed in a manner so as to make the students learn of the basic concepts of computer, Operating System,generalized packages viz., Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation software and also about Internet.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
 define basic components of computer system;
 explain the features of operating system;
 develop the skills of creating, printing and formatting the documents;
 create, modify and format spreadsheet;
 create PowerPoint presentation; and
 use internet.

Scope and job opportunity
Information technology professionals plan, coordinate and implement computer and information
systems within an organization. Typically, they work with other managers within the company to
determine the computer-related needs of an organization in relation to computer systems, software,
servers, computer networking or network security. Information technology (IT) professionals go on to
a variety of careers as IT managers, IT project managers, IT directors and, at the highest levels of
business, chief technology officers or chief information officers. Job opportunities for computer
information systems managers are keep on increasing. IT professionals, particularly those with
specialized technical skills and business management backgrounds, will have the best opportunities
for advancement in the field.

Nowadays every organisation is computerised. Government is also promoting digital literacy. So
each person should have the basic knowledge of the computer whether he/ she is working in office /
banking or teaching in a school or doing e-commerce business or designing a website or developing
mobile app. Data etnry oprerations course will be eligible for data entry job.

Eligibility conditions
Age: 15 Years
Qualification: 10th pass.

Medium of instruction: Hindi, English and Urdu
Duration of the course: 1 Year

Theory: 40 Marks
Practical: 60 Marks
Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA): 20 % Marks of theory

Scheme of studies: Theory (96 hours), practical (144 hours), TMA (self paced)
Scheme of evaluation: Theory paper 40 marks (2 hours), practical 60 marks (3hours), internal
assessment (TMA) (20% of theory marks)
Pass criteria: 33% in each component

Course content
1. Basics of
2. Basics of
3. Operating
4. Formatting

5. Mail Merge

6. Basics of

7. Formatting

8. Formulas,
and Charts

9. Creating

10. Introduction
to Internet

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