NIOS SYLLABUS Business Studies(Senior Secondary)

Senior Secondary
Business Studies
subject code: 319

Business activities affect every citizen at their place of work. Business is an activity involving regular
production or purchase of goods and services for sale with the object of earning profit. All learners
will encounter the world of business when they start working. In order to prepare them to engage in
business activity with confidence and competence, we introduce Business Studies as a course at the
Senior Secondary Level. This course gives a clear explanation of the functions of business. The
curriculum in Business Studies at Senior Secondary Level has been designed to help specific needs
of NIOS learners.
Business is a dynamic process that brings man, money, machine and materials together to produce
goods and services that not only fulfills our basic needs but also provides us comfort and makes our
lives easier. If we look into the past we realize that the procedures and practices followed in business
in those days were completely different from modern days. Today, the use of modern technology in
every field of business, whether it is production or distribution, has made the business globally
competitive.It is more sensitive and mostly affected by the consumption pattern of the people,government’s policies and changes in information and communication technology, better transportation facility, etc. It is more exposed to risk and uncertainties than what it was in past. Therefore, a systematic effort is required to understand, analyze, manage and respond to the changes that affect the functioning of business in the present day society.Keeping in mind the above, the curriculum in the subject of Business Studies at Senior Secondary
level is designed to cater to the needs of the learners of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
It aims at creating an interest and understanding in the area of nature and scope of business, business
practices in past and the modern trends, forms and formation of business organization, trade and its
auxiliaries, management, finance, marketing, consumer protection and would enable the learners to
acquire the necessary knowledge to enter into the area of self-employment as well as wage

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
 understand nature of business;
 distinguish different types of business organizations;
 discuss fundamentals of Management;
 recall the functions and Principles of management;
 explain different types of business finance; and
 distinguish internal and external trade.

Scope and job opportunity
This field has a large number of opportunities for employment, some of these are:
 Careers in the field of marketing
 Careers in the field of teaching.
 Business careers in media, advertising,human resources, education, travel & tourism hotel industry etc.
 Careers in the field of research .

Eligibility conditions
Age: 15 Years
Qualification:10th pass

Medium of instruction: Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati and Odia
Duration of the course: 1 Year
Theory: 100%
Tutor Marked Assignment(TMA): 20% Marks of theory
Scheme of studies: Theory (250 hours), TMA (self paced)
Scheme of evaluation: Theory paper 100 marks (3 hours), internal assessment (TMA) (20% of
theory marks)
Pass criteria: 33% marks in theory

Course content
Business Around Us
1. Nature and Scope of Business
2. Support Services to
3. Business Environment
4. Modern Modes of

Business Organisations
5. Forms of Business
6. Company Form of
7. Public Sector

Preparing for
8. Self-employment
9. Getting Ready for
Wage Employment

Business Management :
Nature and Scope
10. Fundamentals of

Functions of
11. Planning and
12. Staffing
13. Directing
14. Co-ordination and

Business Finance
15. Financing of Business
16. Sources of Long term
17. Financial Planning
18. Indian Financial Market
Marketing Management
19. Introduction to
20. Marketing-mix
21. Advertising and

Trade and Consumer
22. Internal Trade
23. External Trade
24. Consumer Protection

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