NIOS BUSINESS STUDIES(215) Free SOLVE Assignments 2019-2020

1.Answer any one out of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
Q.1.(a) Tiny tom works for a very large firm but is unhappy in his job. He feels that his skills could be used to run his own business repairing farm machines. What problems might arise if the new business is run as a Sole Proprietorship?
Ans. If Tiny tom start his own sole trade business, he can face the following problems:
a) Shortage of capital.
b) Unlimited liability in case of loss.
c) Lack of continuity in case of his illness or incapability.
d) Lack of managerial skill.

2.Answer any one out of the following questions in about 40 to 60 words.
Q. 2. (a) Teddy is a shareholder of a Joint Stock Company. What advantages must have been enjoyed by Teddy, as a shareholder of Joint Stock Company?
Ans. Advantages of Teddy as a shareholder of Joint Stock Company:
a) Liability of Teddy is limited upto the amount paid on the shares of the company.
b) He will get dividend out of profits of the company.
c) Shares are freely transferable.
d) Every shareholder has the right to vote in the company’s meetings.

3.Answer any one out of the following questions in about 40 to 60 words.
Q.3.(a) Mr. Narayan is the sole owner of a juice Business. He decides to sell his product to a far off place. What advantages of a Road Transport should come to his mind before transporting his products?
Ans. Advantages of road transport for small business houses:
a) It involves less cost and safe as compared to other mode.
b) It is more appropriate for short distance. It is cheaper and speedier.
c) Door to door service is possible.
d) Less capital investment.

4.Answer any one out of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
Q.4.(a) Explain what a firm should consider as advantage of ‘Warehousing’ before storing its products.
Ans. Advantages of Warehousing:
a) Consolidation: The warehouse receives and consolidates materials / goods from different production plants and dispatches the same to a particular customer.
b) Break the bulk into smaller quantities: The warehouse helps in dividing the bulk quantity of goods received from the production plants into smaller quantities.
c) Stock piling: Warehousing helps in seasonal storage of goods to select business. They are made available to business depending on customers demand.
d) Value added services: Certain value added services are also provided by the warehouses, such as in transit mixing, packaging and labeling.
e) Price stabilization: By adjusting the supply of goods with the demand situation, warehousing helps in stabilizing prices.
f) Financing: Warehouse owners advance money to the owners on security of goods and further supply goods on credit terms to customers.

5.Answer any one out of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
Q.5 (a) What special features can be associated with ‘Karta’ in a Joint Hindu Family Business?
Ans. The ‘Karta’ in a joint Hindu family is defined as a head member of the family. The head of the joint Hindu family is a very important character for the family. The features of ‘Karta’ in a joint Hindu family are:
a) The ‘Karta’ of the family handled all the business works. He is the person who takes each and every decision of joint Hindu family.
b) He earns for his family. Members of joint Hindu family also gets share in Joint Hindu Family Business.
c) The ‘Karta’ also cares about the need of the family and cares about each member.
d) He also kept the savings for the future and also protects their properties.

6.Prepare any one project out of the following projects given below.
Q.6.(a) If you are a worker and management have asked you to produce a report outlining the importance of ‘Communication’ in a business organization and how modern technology can also be used to achieve this. Prepare a report on this.
Ans. Communication is a process of creating an understanding with the desired person at a specific subject of considerations. The ideas, Thoughts, Messages, or information are conveyed through communication in the organization. There are certain modes, channels and directions of communications. In today’s world, there are several ways to communicate in an organization through written Notice, E-mails, WhatsApp groups, Broadcasted Messages, etc.
All these new technologies are upgrading the system’s working pattern as well as boosting the quick decisions making in the organization.
Modern technologies have help and made communication effective and efficient by:
a) Reducing the cost implied in communication through conferences.
b) Modern technologies remove the problem of a lack of recorded of the desired information.
c) It can cover the large amount of people in a lesser about of time.
d) It brings up the transparency among the employees and employer.
e) These are the ways how modern technologies boost up the communication process.

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