IGNOU SYLLABUS Practicals/Project work,Online Admission

Practicals/Project Work:Some Programmes have practical/project component also depending upon the learning requirements. Practical sessions are held at designated institutions for which schedule is provided by the Study Centres. Attendance at practical sessions is compulsory. For project work, comprehensive project guide, in the form of a booklet, is provided to the learner along with the study material.

(2.) Evaluation System
The system of evaluation followed by the University also is different from that of conventional universities. IGNOU has a multitier system of evaluation.

1. Self-assessment exercises within each unit of study material.
2. Continuous evaluation mainly through assignments which are tutor-marked, practical assignments and seminar/ workshops/extended contact programmes, etc.
3. Term-End Examinations (TEE).
4. Project / Term-end Practical examination.

The evaluation of learners depends upon various instructional activities undertaken by them. A learner has to write assignment responses compulsorily before taking Term-End Examinations from time to time to complete an academic programme. A learner has to submit Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) responses to the Coordinator of the Study Centre to which s/he is attached. Term-end examination is conducted at various examination centres spread all over the country and abroad in June and December every year.

IGNOU uses the following system of “Grading” for evaluating learners' achievement
Letter Grade    Qualitative Level        Point Grade
       A                   Excellent                       5
       B                    Very Good                    4
       C                        Good                         3
       D                      Average                       2
       E                 Unsatisfactory                   1

For Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree programmes, normally the system of numerical marking is followed, and the marks secured in assignments, TE Exams, etc. are later converted into grades as per the five-point grading scale given above. However, if required by the learner, the university provides numerical marks and division (I, II or Pass).

IGNOU uses 10-Point Grading System for evaluating learners’ achievement for Bachelor Degree Programmes under CBCS, as under:

Term-End Examination and Payment of Examination Fee

The University conducts Term-end Examination (TEE) twice a year in the months of June & December. A learner is permitted to appear in TEE subject to the following conditions:-
1.Registration for the courses is valid and not time barred.
2.Required number of assignments in the courses have been submitted by due date wherever applicable.
3. Minimum time to pursue these courses as per the provision of the programme has been completed.
4. Examination fee for all the courses the learner is appearing in the examination has been paid.
In the case of non-compliance of any of the above conditions, the result of all such courses is liable to be withheld by the University.

Term-end Examination
The learners are required to fill in the Examination form to appear in the TEE each time i.e. for every exam (June/December) a learner has to apply afresh. The Examination Forms are accepted online only as per the schedule given below.

Dates for submission of Examination Form
For June TEE                   Late Fee         For December TEE                                  Late Fee
1st March to 31st March      NIL               1September to 30th September                 NIL

1st April to 15th April       Rs.1000  1st October to 15th October            Rs.1000

Please note that the dates mention above are subject to change.Please check the actual dates on the University website.
Examination Fee  Mode of Payment
Examination fee
@ 150 per theory course      Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
@ 150 per practical course

Examination fee once paid is neither refundable nor adjustable even if the learner fails to appear in the examination.

Hall Ticket for Term End Examination
No hall ticket shall be dispatched to the examinees. Hall Tickets of all examinees are uploaded on the University Website (www.ignou.ac.in) 7-10 days before the commencement of the Term End Examinations. Therefore,learners are advised to visit IGNOU website for updates.Students are advised to take the print out of the Hall Ticket from University website after entering the enrolment
number and name of programme of study, and report at the examination centre along with the Identity Card issued by the University. Without a valid IGNOU Student ID Card issued by the University, examinees will not be permitted to appear in the examination.

In case, any learner has misplaced the Identify Card issued by the University, it is mandatory to apply for a duplicate Identity Card to the Regional Centre concerned well before commencement of the examinations so as to get a duplicate ID Card in time, since the learners without valid ID Card will not be allowed to enter the Examination Centre premises.

Associate Studentship
The University has a scheme of ‘Associate Studentship’ which provides for a candidate who fulfils the minimum eligibility requirements for the programme under which the course(s) is/are offered, to register for only one course or a limited number of courses, subject to a minimum of 8 credits and maximum of 32 credits. An Associate Student is attached to a Study Centre for counselling, assignment evaluation, library facility, etc. The application form provided at the end of the Prospectus at Annexure VIII on page 221 can be used for registration. A fee of Rs.850/- per 8 credit course, or part thereof, is charged for admission to course(s) under B.A, B.Com, B.Sc., BSW and programmes. The fee is irrespective of whether the course is of 2 credits, 4 credits, 6 credits or 8 credits. For rest of the programmes, the fee will be charged on pro-rata basis, i.e. by dividing the programme fee by the number of credits of the programme = fee for 1 credit, multiplied by the credit assigned to the specific course (rounded off to the next Fifty Rs.). Associate students choosing courses of B.A. can exercise their option for ‘one course’ only from a Group. If a student wants to opt four courses of 8 credits each, he/she can opt one each from Group-1 to 6 as per his/her choice. Grouping of courses are given in the Prospectus under B.A. (General).

The minimum and maximum period allowed to Associate students for completion of their course(s) would be six months and two years, respectively. There will be no separate counselling or lab work schedule for the associate students. They will have to be in touch with the Study Centre concerned in order to know the schedule and participate in the sessions accordingly. Minimum period of six months would be allowed, if the courses opted by the students are up to 16 credits. If the option exceeds 16 credits, the minimum period would be one year.

Associate Students would be permitted to seek admission in any of the admission cycles and to opt the courses that are on offer either in January or July cycles. However, no counselling and/or lab/practicals would be conducted separately for the Associate students. In such a case the students would be allowed to avail the counselling/practical session in the next semester and accordingly the minimum duration would be extended to another six months. However, the maximum duration of two years would remain unchanged.

If an Associate student opts for more than 16 credits worth of courses in either of the admission cycles, he/she is not entitled to seek admission in the next consecutive cycle unless the prescribed minimum duration is completed.

Associate Students are not eligible to seek admission to the courses under the Programmes where the number of seats are limited and/or the admission is done through Entrance Test.

Associate Students are not eligible for the award of any kind of ‘Certificate/Diploma/Degree’. They are also not eligible for continuation of study by way of re-registration for 2nd and/or 3rd year, as the case may be.‘COURSE COMPLETION STATUS’ Card only will be issued to Associate Students.
Change of course is not permitted under this scheme. Similarly, re-admission facility is not extended to Associate Students. Separate Enrolment No., i.e. ‘AS - - - - - - -’ would be allotted to such students. The filled-in forms of ‘Associate Studentship’ are to be sent to the Regional Director concerned. Forms received 
by any Office other than the Regional Centre concerned would be summarily rejected.

International Students Residing in India

The foreign nationals are advised to visit INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS section of the IGNOU website (www.ignou.ac.in) for the programmes on offer for them; programme fee and other fees applicable for them. They may also contact International Division of the University at the headquarters for more details.

 Provisional Admission

The University has a provision for Provisional Admission to the programmes offered through Common Prospectus (except Certificate programmes of six month duration, Awareness programmes, non-credit programmes and Merit- based/Entrance Test based programmes). Those candidates who otherwise fulfill the prescribed eligibility criteria, but are unable to apply for want of declaration of result of the qualifying examination and/or for want of final Mark-Sheet and Provisional Certificate, but are desirous of seeking admission in July/January admission cycle, as the case may be, can submit the prescribed admission form with requisite fee, as per schedule. Such candidates are also required to submit the ‘Undertaking’ given in Annexure II on page 209.

Other terms and conditions for seeking Provisional Admission are :
i) All the prospective students who have submitted their filled-in admission form along with the Undertaking are required to submit the consolidated Final Mark-sheet and Provisional Certificate/Degree Certificate by 30th September (for July admission cycle) and 31st March (for January admission cycle).
ii) Failure to submit the Final Mark-sheet and Provisional Certificate/Degree Certificate will attract cancellation of admission and forfeiture of 25% of fee paid.
iii) Self-learning material will be issued to all the candidates seeking ‘Provisional Admission’ on remittance of the programme fee, as in the case of other students.
iv) Regional Directors will confirm the final admission only on fulfillment of the condition at (i) above.
v) Admission will not be offered in a Programme if the programme is not activated in a particular Regional Centre.

Note: Provisional admission is not applicable for international students.

Online Admission System

The Admission Forms can be submitted online (except for International Students) through Online Admission System at http://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in. Currently, the facility is available for the programmes offered through Common Prospectus except merit-based and entrance test based programmes. The prospective learners are required to create their user ID and password for logging in the system and upload the required documents along with the submission of the Admission Form. There is no need to send the printed copy of the Admission Form to the Regional Centre. The programme fee can be paid online using payment Gateway through netbanking, debit card and credit card. Once the admission form is submitted online, the students can track the progress of their admission. A message is sent on the mobile number and email ID registered with the System
once admission is confirmed. In case of any discrepancy in the Admission Form, the prospective students are advised to remove the discrepancy within a stipulated time. Failing to do so will lead to rejection of admission form.

The prospective learners submitting the Admission Form through this System can download the Prospectus free from IGNOU website http://www.ignou.ac.in. However, an amount of Rs.200/- is charged as registration fee along with the programme fee.

The Bachelor Degree Programme based on CBCS is on offer once a year i.e. in July admission Session only.

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