IGNOU SYLLABUS Master of Social Work (Counselling) (MSWC)

Master of Social Work (Counselling) (MSWC)
School of Social Work (SOSW)

Masters in Social Work (Counselling) would provide both academic learning and professional education and training in Counselling, extending beyond theoretical knowledge. This programme is tailored to suit counselors working in a wide range of organizational and community contexts as well as individuals in a family. With the fast changing social scenario, the problems being faced by people across the board are numerous. Unlike in the western world,Counselling services are very inadequate in India. There is a growing demand for counselors in schools, corporate sector, health care setting, social and welfare sectors,correctional settings etc. However, schools/universities where Counselling course/ programme are taught in India are very few. There is a good potential for employment in government as well as NGO sectors. There is an urgent need for specially trained counselors to handle the stress of employees working with call centres, corporate sectors, families, family courts, correctional settings, school, universities and educational institutions, rehabilitation centres, refugee camps, institutions for the differently abled,aged, child care and adoption centres, family planning, voluntary Counselling and testing centres, rural sectors especially where farmers are driven to commit suicide, de-addiction centres etc.

MSW(C) Programme would be offered initially through one or two study centres under each Regional Centre. The programme can be taken only through activated study centres or special study centres through each Regional Centre.This Programme is being offered only in English. For Field Work in the MSW (Counselling) programme much focus is given on specialization in Counselling and 40 percent weightage is given for the practicum.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognized University.

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs. 36,000/- for full programme to be paid year wise @Rs. 18,000/- per year

Programme Details:
Course Code Title of the Course Credits
I Year
MSW 1 Origin and Development of Social Work 4
MSW 2 Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives 4
MSW 5 Social Work Practicum and Supervision 4
MSW 8 Social Group Work: Working with Groups 4
MSW 9 Community Organisation Management for Community Development 4
MSWL 46 Social Work Practicum-I 8
MSWL 47 Block Placement 8

II Year

MSW 12 Introduction to Life Characteristics and Challenges 4
MSW 13 Introduction to Psychological Basis of Counselling 4
MSW 14 Relevance of Social Case Work in Counselling 4
MSW 15 Basics of Counselling 4
MSW 16 Fields of Counselling 4
MSWL 48 Social Work Practicum-II 8
MSWL 49 Internship 8
Total Credits 72

Special Instruction, if any
Students of MSW are urged to opt for Associate Studentship Scheme of IGNOU as explained under clause  One of the important and useful courses would be MSW 6 : Social Work research. This course may be taken along with any of the suggested 4 credit courses which will be of great help to those intending to go for research leading to M.Phil./Ph.D in Social Work.

List of Courses in Social Work Discipline for Associate Studentship

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
MSW 6 Social Work Research 6
MSWE 1 HIV/AIDS : Stigma, Discrimination and Prevention 4
MSW 10 Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work 4
MSW 11 Working Among the Poorest of the Poor 4
MSWE 3 Disaster Management 4

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