IGNOU SYLLABUS Master of Arts (Adult Education) (MAAE)

Master of Arts (Adult Education) (MAAE)
School of Education (SOE)
This programme is meant for all those interested in entering and seeking career in the field of adult education and allied areas as well as for those working with any institution in formal, non-formal or informal sector. It aims at promoting professional competency and capacity building of pre-service and in-service people in the field of adult education and allied areas.

Programme Objectives:
 To develop in them the national and international perspective of various aspects of theory and practice ofadult education.
 To upgrade their knowledge and understanding of policies and programmes of adult, continuing and extension education, development and welfare, among others.
 To enhance their understanding and skills of documentation, management and dissemination of knowledge and information on various aspects and processes of adult education.
 To improve their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities related to organizing and managing an adult learning setup.
 To equip them with the skills of involving the community in participatory planning, development and transaction of curriculum as well as training, evaluation and research processes related to adult education and development.
 To enhance their understanding and skills of networking at local, state, national and international levels for their personal, social, and professional development.
 To enable them to critically analyse, appreciate and promote the role of adult education in the emerging social, political, cultural, economic, developmental and other situations for effecting transformation at the national and international levels.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University/Institute

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered only in July cycle of Admission 

Fee Structure: Rs. 14,400/- for full programme to be paid year wise @Rs. 7,200/- per year.Students admitted for first year shall re-register themselves for the second year by duly filling in the prescribed Re-Registration form of that year and submitting it to the Regional Centre concerned along with requisite fee.

Programme Study Centres
All the Programme Study Centres (PSCs) of IGNOU where both MA (Education) and MEd programmes of IGNOU are simultaneously on offer are provisionally the PSCs for MAAE programme as well.

Programme Details:
Course Code Title of the Course Credits
I year
MAE 1 Understanding Adult Education 6
MAE 2 Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India 6
MAE 3 Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination and Networking
in Adult Education 6
MES 16 Educational Research 6
MAEL 1 Practical Work Components 10

II year
Compulsory Courses
MAE 4 Extension Education and Development 6
MAE 5 Population and Development Education 6
MAEP 1 Dissertation 10

Optional Courses
MAEE 1* Sustainable Development 6
MESE 61* Open and Distance Learning Systems 6
MAEE 2** Basics of Legal Awareness 6
MESE 62** Vocational Education 6
Total Credits 68
* indicates that the student should select only one out of MAEE 1 and MESE 61 Courses.
** indicates that the student should select only one out of MAEE 2 and MESE 62 Courses.
After successful completion of all courses of first year, the student shall be awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (PGDAE).

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