*10 Tips to Get Maximum Marks in IGNOU Exams*

IGNOU Exam are going to start within few days , IGNOU Students are really worried and tensed regarding one question running in their mind about IGNOU Exam is that how to make themselves perfectly prepared for Exam. IGNOU examination system is very complicated and Its very hard to pass IGNOU exam especially when we are not taking regular classes/tutor.

Well here are some tips which can help you to prepare for a particular exam.

*Tip-1* Simply read the IGNOU study material in a focus way so you get idea what is the book have in it and what is Essential and what is worthless.

*Tip-2*. Now when you start reading you know where to go means what is important as you have read the whole book so just go through the main topics and memorize them.

*Tip-3*. After Understanding the bold topics from IGNOU study Material you are almost half prepare for Exam and now it’s time to test yourself.

*Tip-4*. Go through Previous Years Question Papers of IGNOU, Specially the old one like 2 years back Question Papers and ask yourself those Questions. Are you able to answer them?

*Tip-5*. There will be some topics in old question Papers which you might have not found worth full. To avoid this kind of situation in IGNOU Exam start solving those Questions

*Tip-6*. Mark all the topics which are included in previous years question papers. Try to understand the pattern used in those Question Papers,

*Tip-7*. Highlight those topics and make notes according to you and start preparing those notes one by one.

*Tip-8*. Take a look on bold topics in the IGNOU study material book and also solve every question given at the last page on every chapter you study.

*Tip-9*. Read the highlighted notes at least one more time before you are appearing in exam.

*Tip-10.* Students please do not prefer late night studying or sleepless nights and avoid last minute cramming sessions the night before the exam!

*N.B- IGNOU Guess Paper With Ans. Is Best Material For Last Moment Study So Follow Guess Paper For Better Score .*

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