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Q.1.Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words:
(b) A diabetic person has specific dietary needs. Guide your mother to include two raw food items in your father’s diet (who is diabetic) and two raw food items not to be used.
Ans. Two raw food items that can be included, in terms of a diabetic patient – curd and fruit. Two raw food items, not to be used here are – sugar and honey.

Q.2.Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words:
(b) Three year old Kanu is underweight and often gets fever. Comment on her nutritional status and suggest any two dietary modifications. Name the place where can she get the supplementary food outside her home. What will be the impact of under nutrition on her growth?
Ans. Three year old is underweight and often gets fever, this means her nutritional status is poor and she may be considered as malnourished.
Any two dietary modifications for such children are:-
1)         Quantitative modification of diet (increase the number of times a meal taken or the size of the meal).
2)         Qualitative modification of diet (change in nutrients, consistency, flavor, amount of spices and fiber content of the diet).
The place where she can get supplementary food outside her home is “Anganwadi”. Here she will get foods under ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme) scheme.
The impact of under nutrition on here growth can be noticed as retarded or slow child.

Q.3.Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words:
(a) Rashid has earned a profit of two lakhs in his business. Give him two suggestions for investment for next five years so that he gets the tax rebate. Justify your answer.
Ans. Two suggestions for investment for profit of Rs. two lakhs for next five years are:-
1)         Investment on bank (by opening a bank account).
2)         Post Office [by opening a RD (Recurring Deposit) account at Post Office]

Q.4.Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words:
(a) A parent of a 10 year old daughter and a 14 old son, write two points each that you will observe regarding        the-
1)         Physical development of your daughter.
2)         Cognitive development of both children.
3)         Nutritional requirements of both children (energy, protein and calcium)
4)         Impact of School in the development of the children.
Ans. (1) Physical development of a ten years old girl:-
a)         The head become smaller, in proportion to the rest of the body as she grows. Along with gross muscles, fine muscles develop rapidly.
b)         She has 28 teeth and these all are permanent teeth, with the age of 10 years.
c)          All the bones in the body are formed, therefore she continues to grow in size and strength, becomes taller too.
d)         She has more fat around her bones than muscles.
(2) Cognitive development of 10 year old girl:-
1)         Differentiation between fantasy and reality:- At ten year, a child can find difference between fantasy and reality.
2)         Understanding another’s point of view:- By the age of ten years, child can starts empathies or understand others point of view.
3)         Reversibility:- By this age, children can think backward, through various stages and this known as reversibility.
4)         Belief that physical properties do not change conservation:- By this age, children belief that certain physical characteristics of object remain the same even when they appear to be outwardly different.
5)         Classification:-Ability to classify objects in many different ways.
6)         Seriating:- Ability to arrange items.
7)         Time and speed:- Ability to understand concept of time and speed.
Cognitive development of 14 year old boy:-
1)         Development of abstract thinking.
2)         Thinking becomes more mature and systematic.
3)         Decision making ability.
(3) Nutritional requirements of both children:-
1)         A high calorie, high protein diet, rich in calcium and iron are requirement for 10 – 14 years age group children or adolescents.
2)         Quantity of food intake must be increased to meet their rapidly changing body needs.
3)         Need energy rich food for their hectic activities both at school and home.
(4) Impact of school in the development of children:-
School plays a major role, other than family, in the development of children.
a)         If the school discipline is not very harsh and the student’s point of view is respected, the adolescent more likely to enjoy academic work.
b)         Well-trained teacher in school can satisfy and understand student’s need, which makes them to come to school.
c)          School can bring the “generation gap” between the parent and adolescents.

Q.5.Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words:
(b) Reema, 24 years girl, who is hearing impaired and wish to start her business in Handicraft. Help Reema for the following:
1)         Suggest two avenues to enhance her skill.
2)         Suggest one raw material and two articles she can work with, e.g. jute (you can choose any other material also)
3)         Suggest two means to use her saving of Rs. 10,000 wisely for the business.
4)         Do you think it necessary for her family to learn sign language?
Ans. (1) Two avenues that can be suggested to enhance Reema’s skill in handicraft are:-
a)         Fashion, design, manufacturing and merchandizing sector.
b)         Self-employment or Entrepreneurship.
(2) One raw material that she can work to start her business is Jute. Any two articles than can be prepared from Jute are:- bag and doormat.
(3) Two means to save Rs. 10,000/- wisely for her business are:- By opening account on the following:-
a)         Bank.
b)         Post office.
(4) Yes, it is necessary, for her family to learn sign language because:-
a)         It helps her to communicate with them and the family also need to show respect to her, as it is family ethics towards her.
b)         By doing so, the family will reveal respect to her, which boast her self-respect and help her to achieve goals and objectives, skills to achieve her career objectives.

Q.6.Prepare any one project out of the given below:
(b) Suppose you are a floor manager having 10 rooms for housekeeping in a hotel. You are expected to do the following activities:
1)         Prepare a daily and weekly cleaning schedule.
2)         Make a check list to see that electric and plumbing fixtures are functioning properly or not.
3)         Write the making of a furniture polish, prepare the polish also.
Ans.(1) Daily cleaning schedule for cleaning of 10 rooms in a hotel is given below:
a)         Once one enter the room, open all windows in order to let fresh air came in.
b)         Remove all unwanted articles like tea cup etc., and empty ash trays and dustbins.
c)          Sweep the floor.
d)         Dust all surfaces including furniture and fixtures.
e)         Brush or vacuum clean the carpet.
f)          Mop the whole area.
g)         Replace linen wherever required, like in a bedroom, check for towels etc.
h)         In the end, adjust windows.
General Procedure for weekly cleaning:
a)         Start in the same way as in a daily clean.
b)         Checklist to see that electric and plumbing fixtures are functioning properly or not:-
1)         Check for electrical fuse.
2)         Change in 3-in-plug pin.
3)         Check for fans, whether working or not working.
4)         Check for room coolers.
5)         Check for room heaters.
(2) Check for Plumbing faults:
a)         Check taps are working or not.
b)         Check and maintain flushing cistern
(3) Making of a furniture polish:
Fresh:- Scrape out all excess stain, rub gently with spirit or kerosene – same for white cottons – same as for white cottons.
Old:- Repeat the above method three or two times – same for white cottons.
To prepare the polish following should be apply
When stain is fresh, apply talcum powder on it and leave it for a few hours. Brush off powder. This helps to remove the stain and can be used for all-fabrics or furniture.


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