Note:(1)All questions are compulsory. The marks allotted for each questions are given at same
(2) Write your name enrollment numbers, AI name subject on the top of the first page of the answer sheet.
Q.1. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words:
(b) What are the methods of cooking the chapatti and the bread? Write one advantage and one disadvantages which are common for both the methods. What is the effect of these two methods on any two nutrients in each food item?

Ans.The methods of cooking the chapatti and the bread are – Baking and roasting.
One advantage of baking and roasting:-
Food cooked using this method adds a variety to the texture in our plate.
One disadvantage of baking and roasting:-
It is relatively a slow method of cooking.
Effect of these two methods on any two nutrients in each item:
1) Vitamin A:- It gets oxidized when it reacts with oxygen present in the air and gets destroyed.
2)  Vitamin B Complex:- Vitamin B gets dissolved in water when foods above are cooked with water.

Q.2. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(b) Kumkum cuts her finger while searching for a knife in a drawer full of spoons. What first aid will you give to stop the bleeding? What two precaution will you suggest her not to repeat such incidence?
Ans. To stop bleeding, the following first aid can be given:-
First press the bleeding part with the help of sterile gauze, for 20 minutes. In case bleeding does not stop, ice bag should be applied on the dressing, wash the spot with antiseptic. In case, blood is flowing in jerks, then tie a bandage tightly on the side, closet to the heart.
Two precautions that can be suggested, not to repeat such incidence:-
1)         Knives, stored facing upwards, can lead to cut, so they should be examined and avoid cuts.
2)         By removing hazardous items like knife, blades from within the reach of children. These items should be kept separately.

Q.3.Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(a) While buying biscuit, which who important information will you check on its packet and what two points will you consider while buying potato? Write one point in each case on which you will reject the food item. Justify your answer.
Ans. While buying biscuit, the important information, that one need to check, on its packet are:-
1)         Date of manufacture of the biscuit packet.
2)         Date of expiry.
3)         Standardized marks such as ISI.
When buying potato, two points, that one need to consider are:-
1)         The shopkeeper uses weights to measure potatoes, not stones.
2)         Whether the shopper is putting a rotten or defective potato to sell.
If the biscuit packet is not recognized by standardized mark such as ISI, one need to reject it, as it may not be the genuine product. And in case of potatoes, if the shopkeeper uses stones to measure, potatoes, instead of weight, the weight of the potatoes will increase, than the genuine weight. For this case, one will reject the measure and buy of potatoes.

Q.4.Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words.
(a) Thirteen (13) year Mira and 10 year old Manoj are siblings. Answer the following about them.
                    I.               What should be the approximate ideal height and weight of both.
                  II.               Write in detail about the tooth development in both.
                III.               Which physical features will appear in Mira only.
                IV.               Which four values they must develop? Justify your answer.
Ans. (I) The approximate ideal height and weight of thirteen year old Mira – 61.7 inch (Height) and 101.0 pound (weight).
Ideal height for 10 year old Manoj is 51 inch and ideal weight 70.4 pound.
(II) After we get the age of six years, out temporary teeth starts getting replaced by permanent teeth. So, by the ages of Mira and Manoj, i.e. at thirteen or ten years all teeth are present in them, except for wisdom teeth. Because wisdom teeth grow between 12-19 years, so, Mira attains her all teeth, including wisdom teeth as she is thirteen, but Manoj is yet to grow his wisdom teeth.
(III) The only physical feature that will appear to Mira only is the growth and development of her breast size. This feature will only occur to Mira as a girl, not to Manoj.
(IV) Four values, they must develop are:-
a)         Honesty and loyality, because honesty and loyality of a person is rewarded in the long run.
b)         Respect for work-always respect for the work assigned, this leads to dignity of labour.
c)          Punctuality, regularity and discipline – all these are important to survive in workplace, so adolescents must develop these.
d)         Courtesy and politeness with others – this qualities lead to cooperativeness and socialized with others.

Q.5.Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words.
(a) Describe methods to be followed during the following:
                    I.               Washing towels by hand.
                  II.               Removing curry stain from a silk sari.
                III.               Washing and ironing a white cotton shirt.
                IV.               Tying a fabric for dyeing using binding or marbling method.
Ans. (I) Method of washing towels by hand – while washing towel and large clothes like bed sheets, one can use a wooden beating stick to provide friction. But this is done only on a clean, flat and hard surface.
Spread the fabric on the floor, apply soap and then beat it with the stick, constantly changing the surface of the fabric with the other hand.
(II) Removing curry strain from a silk one need to dip the silk sari in soap solution, take it out and squeeze gently and again dip in the soap. In between rub the dirty or strain area, gently into two hands. Repeat till clean.
(III) Washing and ironing a white cotton shirt – To wash a white cotton shirt, one need to soak first, to loosen the dirt settled or stuck to the fabric. It can be soaked preferably in warm or hot water for half an hour depending on how dirty they are. Soak the white cotton shirt separately, not with others. One can dip white shirt in soap or detergent agent. Apply extra soap on the heavily soiled area and rub. Wash the light weight and by using knead and squeeze method to clean.
Cotton clothes are ironed best when they are evenly damp. But if they are starched they must dry completely before they are brought in. Sprinkle water evenly on them role them tightly and leave them for some time. Open the white shirt and iron with a hot iron. Leave the white shirt for some time to dry before storing.
(IV) To tie and dye, we use binding or marbling method, which is given below:-
Marbling Method:-Take the fabric and crumble it to form a ball. Tie it with a thread at different areas, randomly. Then dye the fabric. Open it and dry. The dyes fabric will have a marble effect.
Binding Method:- Pick up the fabric from one point and tie with a thread at intervals and dye it.

Q.6.Prepare any one project out of the given below.
(a) Sapna has just finished her senior secondary. Her father works in a factory and mother is a home maker. She has two younger brothers studying in class VIII and V. Help Sapna to
1.          Convince her father to construct a toilet at home (needs, advantages, benefits to community)
2.          Encourage her mother to use her skill of tie-n-dye profitably.
3.          Prepare her brother (class VIII) for his exams after missing school due to long illness (confidence building, time management, study skills).
4.          Prepare a diet chart for her younger brother who frequently suffers from diarrhea (nutrients needed and ORS).
Ans. 1. It is important to construct a toilet at home. Constructing a toilet at home provides hygienic disposal of human waste. It is important that all people use proper latrines. Otherwise, diseases would spread through files sitting on food, drinking polluted water, eating contaminated raw fruits and vegetables. Germs can enter our body even when we walk bare foot. So, this above is the needs, benefits of using toilet at home.
2. Her mother can use her skill of tie-n-die profitably because tie and dye are the two most popular techniques of decorative or resist dyeing. A number of beautiful designs can be created in this manner by applying tie and dye. In tie and dye, threads are used as a resist material to stop the dye from entering the selected areas of the fabric. There are many ways in which one can create designs using tie and dye technique. These are:-
a)         Marbling.
b)         Binding.
c)          Knotting.
d)         Folding.
e)         Peg tying.
f)          Tritik.
3.  Her brother, missed school due to long illness, no one can prepare him by preparing and following a time-planning or time-management. One can prepare him by providing him some study skills so that he can study well in short period, build-up his confidence level. To prepare time planning, one can help him by list all the tasks to be done and prioritized them. Get medicine and give to mother do assignments one by one, cook dinner for him and in between go and make the beds, serve dinner, and go back, help him to complete pending assignments and in this way one will get prepared for exams after missing school due to long illness.
4. A person who frequently suffers from diarrhea and other such communicable dieses, can follow a balanced diet, to prevent such dieses. Eat whole grains like creels / wheat, whole wheat (flour) millets (jowar, Bajra) and avoid refined foods like Maida. Take boil, warm water, do not take water from anywhere. Give fresh, easily digestible food. Give ORS or Oral Rehydration solution purchase ORS packets from health centre or pharmacy. Add water, stir well and drink frequently. If one is unable to get an ORS, the add eight teaspoons of sugar and I teaspoon of salt to one liter of clean drinking water. Allow the sugar and salt to dissolve. Stir well and drink it.

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